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Nanos collection by Paola Ferrari gets inspiration from the shapes of microscopic particles observed in labs. We juxtaposed images of the fine jewelry made of diamonds and gold with natural elements in order to recall the beauty, durability and strenght of their materials and character.
By showing the ocean waves crashing on rocks and the perfection of plants growing in the desert we played with the concepts of micro and macro, small and big, tiny and powerful.

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Concept, UX UI design and Art Direction by me
Shooting AD: Alle Vecchi

Antonio Di Monte is a Digital Art Director, based in Emilia, Italy. He founded indipendent art gallery and art direction agency Unsocial Studio in April 2019.

He runs a graphic design studio mainly focused on fashion and luxury brands, developing thoughtfully executed design solutions for international and local clients and specialising in visual identities, web design, print and packaging.

Depending on the requirements of the project, the studio works in close collaboration with a creative network including photographers, copywriters and developers to offer a comprehensive design package.

This website features an edited selection of recent projects, additional work samples are available upon request.

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